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Third Party GameCube Controller Shells - Metroid

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Shells only! No controller, buttons or any other accessories included.

Budget third party GameCube controller shells. These are Chaos Controllers (without any markings on the back) shells. Their quality is not as good as official OEM GameCube controller shells. The plastic is weaker and sometimes fitting official GameCube parts in them can be a bit of a hassle. But they are cheap and readily available, greatly bringing the cost down of custom painted GC shells. You are buying these shells knowingly of their weak points. Ideal for casual players or players on a very tight budget but still want to get a nice looking controller.

The shells are painted using the same high quality paints and finishes as any regular Spicy Frog custom paint job.

Every shell is tested with official GameCube controller components to make sure everything fits right.

Designed by Spicy Frog, mainly painted by Peruere. QC by Spicy Frog.