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GameCube Bottom Shell - White Turquoise Gradient

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Here is a set of custom painted official Nintendo GameCube controller bottom shell. These are the shells only, as such, no electronics are included with the purchase of these shells. Please be aware of that when purchasing.

If a controller plug is shown in the pictures, then it means it is included with the shells.

Please ensure you are using those shells with original Nintendo GameCube electronics, I have not personally tested the use of first party shells with third party components. You will need a tri-wing screwdriver to open your GameCube controller in order to install these shells.

These shells have been painted using water based acrylics and are top coated with a 2K clear coat - glossy or matte depending on the design. A 2K clear coat is the same kind of finish that are on cars, this means the paint is well protected.

I mostly paint using an airbrush, but with some designs, I also use decals, hand drawing, hand painting, ...

Each piece is unique and you buy what you see in the picture. If there are any visible defaults, there will be clear pictures of them and it will be announced, the price will also be discounted in that case.