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Refurbished GameCube Left Stick with Synnett Style Cap

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Official Nintendo GameCube left stick bases. Their original rubber have been removed and instead I've printed Synnett Caps for them. Rubber is printed in skin safe TPU. Shore A 82 hardness, very close to the OEM stick rubber hardness. The bases are recycled from T1, T2 and T3 controllers, these bases are use and show signs of wear but are all perfectly functional and aesthetically okay.

While the rubber cap in itself isn't the most aesthetical, the TPU rubber is very strong and durable and is the best way to extend the life of your stick.

These sticks have used stems, as shown in the second picture. If this is problematic for you, but you'd still like to use a Synnett style cap, please consider buying the caps on their own.

I'm giving these used stick a second life instead of generating more waste!